Every three years, employers have a legal duty to automatically re-enrol all eligible jobholders who are not already active members of a qualifying pension.

Re-enrolment is a separate single event that takes place every three years in addition to the normal employee auto enrolment assessment that takes place each pay period.

Corporate Financial Planning - Re-Enrolment Graphic

It’s the process employers must follow to re-enrol eligible jobholders who decided to opt out, ceased membership of the scheme or opted to make contributions below the minimum requirements after the staging date.

Re-enrolment, including re-declaration of compliance is your legal duty and if you don’t act you could be fined by The Pensions Regulator.

Re-enrolment also gives employers a chance to review their current arrangements and whether these are working for the business and it’s workforce.

BHP Corporate FP can provide the support you may need to prepare for your upcoming duties and to ensure you are fully compliant.

4 steps to Auto Re-Enrolment

  • 1. Choose a date to re-enrol your employees
  • 2. Work out which of your employees to re-enrol
  • 3. Re-enrol your employees on your chosen date
  • 4. Re-declare your compliance to The Pensions Regulator