The journey to Auto Enrolment. Let us take the worry from you.

All employers will need to put in place a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme, which will automatically enrol certain workers into the scheme and make contributions.

Simple? Maybe not! It could be a harder task than you realise, because the legislation is, in reality, quite complex. Even The Pensions Regulator recommends planning 12 months in advance!

Most employers have underestimated the costs, complexity and challenges involved in setting up a scheme and communicating these changes to a diverse workforce.

Here at BHP, our team of experts can give all the support you need to provide solutions for you and your workers, that are not only fully compliant, but will also benefit
your business.

Below, we have broken down the implementation process into the 4 key steps required to bring your company into line with the legislation.

  • 1. Audit and assessment. We will help you understand the auto enrolment rules, we analyse any existing schemes you have, and provide a report outlining the possible contribution structures.
  • 2. Consideration of options. Taking into account the financial and administrative implications we help you choose your preferred options.
  • 3. Agree Recommendations. We now assess product providers, review tenders, and engage third parties, such as the payroll provider.
  • 4. Implementation. This is the longest step, which involves drawing up a project plan, managing communications, testing payroll, registering and certifying your scheme.

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